This DEPOSIT CONTRACT (hereinafter CONTRACT) is effective when signed below by both Seller (whether singular or plural) and Buyer (whether singular or plural).

The following terms and conditions are agreed to between Seller and Buyer:

1.) Deposits are non-refundable, except in the event that the Seller exercised their right to cancel the contract. When a reservation for a puppy is placed, a $300 deposit is required for a show/companion puppy.  A $250 deposits is required for a companion puppy.

2.) In the event that a show prospect is not available and said Buyer has a deposit for a show prospect, the Seller will have one calendar year to to produce a show quality pup from another breeding. If a show quality puppy is not produced within one calendar year, the deposit will be fully refunded.

3.) The balance of the purchase price will be due at 6 weeks of age for companion puppies and at 8 weeks of age for show puppies. Realizing that we are dealing with live animals, SouthWest Akitas cannot guarantee a specific color nor the number of males or females in the litter. In the event the breeding does not result in a litter or there is not a puppy available of the quality/classification or sex that you requested, this deposit is good on the next available litter of the same value or future litter of the same value. If the Buyer must choose a puppy from a future litter, the buyer will be placed ahead of any persons who places a deposit after the buyer. The Buyer understands that the original price quoted may change and the Buyer agrees to pay any difference in price.

4.) Puppies will not be released to new homes until the age of at least 6 weeks. Puppies held for 2 weeks beyond 8 weeks of age will be charged board at the rate of $7.00 per day. Buyer will also be charged for additional vaccinations and veterinary costs if needed. Puppies being shipped will be charged for purchase of small crate, health certificate, flight arrangements and transportation to airport. Flight costs will be paid by buyer according to the current fees.

5.) Buyer has reviewed the Seller's' "Purchase Agreement" and agree to all of the terms and conditions set therein. Buyer agrees to sign that contract upon completion of the sale. Buyer understands that if the Buyer does not sign the "Purchase Agreement" the Buyer will not be sold a puppy and the deposit will be forfeited.

6.) Buyer further understands that by changing my mind, finding another puppy or not signing the contract the breeder is under no obligation to refund my deposit under any circumstances. Buyer also understands that Seller reserves the right to cancel this deposit contract at any time in which my deposit would be refunded to me in full.

7.) Buyer understands that the Seller does not guarantee the size, weight or color of these puppies at maturity.  

Seller agrees to sell and Buyer agrees to buy one Akita puppy as follows:

Sex: ____Male ____Female ____Either ____Preferred but not essential

 ______Show/Breeding Quality ______Companion/Pet Quality

Show/Performance/Breeding Quality:
We feel these pups are exceptional examples of the breed.
There are no disqualifying faults or known hereditary defects affecting its suitability for breeding. They are sold with full AKC registration papers and with hip/eye guarantees.

Performance/Pet/Companion Quality:
We consider these pups to be not as structurally correct as show quality.
These pups are physically sound and make wonderful companions, but are not breeding quality. They are sold with limited registration meaning that offspring would not be eligible for registration. These dogs may not compete in AKC conformation events but may be eligible to compete in all performance events (agility, obedience, tracking, herding, juniors,etc). These pups are sold on Spay/Neuter contracts with hip/eye guarantees.


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