1. This contract is written for the protection of the individual purchasing (Purchaser) and selling (SouthWest Akitas/Seller) an Akita, as well as for the protection of the Akita being sold. The Akita is the product of Akitas registered with the American Kennel Club.

2. SouthWest Akitas guarantees this Akita to the best of my knowledge to be of sound body, good health and free of any communicable disease at the time of sale/placement. The purchaser has three working days from the date of placement to take the Akita to the veterinarian of their choice. If at this time the veterinarian finds serious illness, it can be returned to SouthWest Akitas for a replacement or refund at the discretion of SouthWest Akitas. SouthWest Akitas will replace the Akita being sold if by the age of thirty-six (36) months the Akita exhibits signs of any proven genetic health hazard that would severely limit the Akita's quality of life. The health hazard must be the result of genetic origin and not the result of environmental factors (poor nutrition, abuse, accident, or illness) that occurs after the client has taken possession of this Akita. Tests for genetic diseases must be performed before this Akita is used for breeding purposes. If the Akita is found to have a fault of genetic disease by an approved licensed veterinarian or the OFA, in the case of eye disease a veterinarian ophthalmologist, it will be replaced with an Akita of equal or greater quality as soon as one is available. Replacement will only occur after SouthWest Akitas receives written certification from a veterinarian stating that the Akita has been sterilized. No other guarantee is made. The Purchaser, providing it is spayed or neutered may retain the Akita being replaced due to such occurrence. The seller is allowed up to two years to provide a replacement.

3. The Purchaser agrees to maintain the Akita being purchased in a clean, healthy atmosphere with proper nutritional and medical care. This includes feeding a high quality, NO SOY, commercial dog food. Purchaser agrees to provide the proper amount of exercise and socialization. Purchaser will not allow the Akita to run loose, uncontrolled and will not tie, chain or otherwise mistreat the Akita in any way. Purchaser agrees not to breed the Akita until it is more than twenty-four (24) months of age and has been OFA certified to be free of hip dysplasia. Purchaser further agrees to only breed the Akita to another AKC registered Akita that is at lease twenty-four (24) months of age and has been equally examined by a veterinarian. Purchaser agrees to pay any and all transportation costs of the Akita to and from SouthWest Akitas. The Purchaser agrees that he/she is not and will never be part of a Puppy mill (Commercial Kennel), and that the Akita being purchased, as well as all offspring, will not be sold to a puppy mill, or pet supplier for pet stores. If for any reason the Seller decides to relinquish ownership of the Akita, the Akita must be offered back to SouthWest Akitas.

4. The Seller reserves the right to breed any female dog owned by the Sellers to any unsterilized male purchased under this agreement, free of charge, for the life of the male dog. This does not prevent the Purchaser from sterilizing the male dog.

5. Violation of this contract damages the goodwill and reputation of SouthWest Akitas and the Akita breed in general. Failure of the Purchaser to abide by the terms of this contract will result in loss of Guarantee and, if abused, return of Akita to Seller.

6. This contract is not assignable and shall be governed by the laws of the State of New Mexico, and the jurisdiction to resolve disputes rests solely in a court of competent jurisdiction in New Mexico.

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